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Artist: farooq

Album: heat

Release Date: august 24, 2018

Format: cd, Digital


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FAROOQ’s musical style forms from a way of writing that chops up and blends together multiple music genre influences by incorporating sounds from the hardcore, metal, punk, rock, hip hop, and rap communities to create an artistic vision that goes against the prototypical hardcore and metal band grain. Lyrically each song is carefully crafted and presents a sincere take on social, cultural, and world issues. When these elements are thrown in together, FAROOQ melds together to form their own unique brand of hardcore and metal.



Artist: glacier eater

Album: glacier eater

Release Date: november 2015

Format: LP, Digital


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Awakened in 2015 by metal and hardcore vets from bands over the last 15 years (Light This City, Sworn Vengeance, Murder Practice, At Our Heels, First To Leave) in Oakland, California, the debut self titled album is an onslaught of thrash and melodic death metal promising to be their most punishing effort to date.

Recorded in Oakland at Sharkbite Studios with Zack Ohren during the protests in solidarity with Ferguson, the self titled album is charged with social, political, and personal turmoils.